Dogwood Dash 5k

Another 5k in the books. Only one week after Hop Hop, and only 8 seconds slower, on a hillier course, and not even on a recovery week, but a normal 44 miler.

A Team Athena gal put on the race, so a bunch of us showed up to support her. Not to mention everyone from The Red Lizards, Portland Running Company, The Roses, and basically every other running club in town. Fastest 5k I've ever been to, that's for sure!

Here's a couple shots of the TA ladies, both before and after. Kristen did a great job putting on the event and we all had a ton of fun!

Because I had just run Hop Hop, and because this wasn't a recovery week, I intended to go hard, but also didn't expect anything huge. Because all my friends were there and no one was taking it very seriously, I didn't get a great warmup in (only about 10 minutes), and was barely ready when the gun went off at the start. Mara and I had agreed to start out together and see what happened, which we did. It was uphill for practically the first 2 miles, which is really no fun in a 5k! I pulled ahead of Mara a little before the 1 mile mark and trudged my way up the hill on my own.

The good news was, when I got to the other side, there was a significant downhill (as is generally the case in a loop course!) so was able to make up a lot of time there. Where I averaged only about 7 min/ mile for the first two miles, I was able to hit 6:30 for the remainder. I honestly felt really good throughout, and didn't feel like I was giving it the same 100% I had at Hop Hop. I also didn't know how close I was to my last week's time (otherwise I might have pushed a little bit harder at the end!) until I crossed the finish line, because, as part of my 'casual-ness' at the beginning, I forgot to start my watch until about .4 miles in. All in all a really fun day and a great opportunity to get together with everyone.

Riding off of that high, I met up with a few ladies for my long run this morning. 2 hours 10 minutes, Z1 easy pace for the first 100 min, Z2 8:15 pace for the last 30 min. As typically happens when I'm running with others though, I ran the Z1 at too high of a heart rate (168 instead of 163), but honestly I felt really good and the time flew by. I still felt good enough to easily hold an 8:10 pace at the end, too, so that was really great.

I will admit though that I am looking forward to a short recovery run tomorrow and nothing more intense than that. Onward!